2013. január 28., hétfő

An Unexpected Party

Our new (and only this far) favourite place in Bahrain is a large park which we discovered just the other day when driving around. Here are the photos we showed you earlier.
There is this girl in the choir we sing in, Laura, who potentially could be even really good friends with Julianna, but anytime they start chatting, somehow someone surely minds it right away and comes along wanting to chat with her, not very nice. So it is really difficult to stay alone surrounded by 70 people.
Then we had the idea of meeting her in another environment, in this new park where will be enough time to talk, playing frisbee or feeding the fish. So we arranged the meeting.
So we managed to meet finally, nicely walking, talking. And then, all of a sudden we bumped into a hungarian friend, taking a walk in the park with his recently arrived wife. What's more, they also arranged a meeting at the same place with an other hungarian couple they never met before.
As they came later we all waited for the new people at the water, feeding the fish with something Julianna prepared for them. A kind of home made fish food stuff.
And, finally, all seven of us went for a coffee and the afternoon worked out really well, getting know new faces. We even played with an elastic red rubber frisbee and made little local picnicers surprised.
The american Laura did have fun that day. (Although we spoke mostly hungarian...)

Next weekend we'll go play some basketball together.

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