2013. április 16., kedd

Dream house

Well, my fellows, in our little life there is a new chapter beginning these days. We have been planning to move house for months abd months but something crossed our plans all the time. One time Julianna thought the place was too tight, other time I missed the garden. Then we went home for holidays anyway. What's more we barely could leave that good man Ahmed, our landlord, he likes us too much for that.
But then the time has come, you know when you feel like sitting outside for a coffee in the nice weather, and that feeling when the internet or the shower is running with no annoying brakes. So finally - with a very sad face - we gave a month notice.
Of course this poor man Ahmed did assure us that we are allowed to do whatever we like and he was sorry and said we can also stay if we can't find another place. And then we had a very sad tea.
Next came the house viewing. We came clear with some facts. First that there is one way of finding a place to stay better and more interesting than looking them up online, and that is visiting places. So we ended up driving around areas nearly all the time.
We saw a fairly large amount of homes this way till only two houses remained on the shortlist. With so much equal 'value-for-the-money' measure that we simply couldn't decide. We checked them again and again, talked it through, even talked with the owners.
And a week before Easter - I think next to a coffee - we made a decision. We were a bit worried because our stuff would've fitted a bit more well in the other house - but till we got to actually move even the fact that apart from the new livingroom we can't really fill up any other room wasn't a problem eighter.
Well, after all, we got all our stuff in the new house in six to seven turns by car, the movers had to move just four items. Lucky it was easter break in school so we could focus on the subject for days. We had to arrange and buy things too but that's another story.
And my coffee goes cold here in the garden, even though it's getting warmer over here.

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